So. I’m kind of jealous. A few of my favorite people are/will be Monkeeing around this weekend (without me *single tear*). But I’m also really excited for them! What a cool crowd you guys are. 

When I think back to when I entered this fandom, there were like, 20 ~usuals. (If a gif of mine got over 50 notes it was a total shock). Now, idk! It feels like a proper fandom. You’ve got people cosplaying, brilliant artists, more writers, graphic makers… so many proud Monkees fans that aren’t afraid to geek out. I love it. I mean, you can’t really define a fandom, but I enjoy the closeness of ours. The community feeling. 

I saw a post going around the Sherlock fandom; this girl was trying to raise money for a trip to see her cosplayer friend from Tumblr. And it seemed really sweet. And then I thought, “I’ve already fucking met so many ace people from this site.” That’s super lucky. The idea of like-minded people meeting up to enjoy their fandom together… that’s brilliant.

Anyway, I hope you all have an incredible time. I look forward to your pictures and stories. And maybe I’ll see some of you at the NYC Nez show. Love you all. Just wanted to be a bit mushy tonight.


  1. carlislesimms said: Definitely hope to see you at the NYC show! *hugs*
  2. archeolatry said: I feel ya. I’d love to meet some folks, but flying across the country isn’t in the cards right now…
  3. nakedpersimmon said: Aw, Rev…wish you were coming to the convention! *sadface* You will be very much missed…
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