Update on my Dad (good news!) 

Whew, done removing wallpaper, sanding and spackling the bathroom walls! Just have to prime and paint tomorrow and I’m all done. I wanted to surprise my dad when he gets home this weekend :)

He’s doing well, finally! He had heart surgery last week and it went well. Then his heart started to beat too rapidly (It was at 140 and it was supposed to be below 100). It happens to 1 in 5 people after heart surgery. But the doctors told us everything else looked normal and his heart would regulate itself eventually (but he would have to stay in ICU until then). My sister and I visited on Tuesday and bought him a stuffed elephant toy from the gift shop for good luck. The next day his heart beat dropped to 65! We all joke it was the elephant.

So, now he’s out of ICU and will probably be home this weekend or on Monday after they run some tests. It’s been a very long 2+ weeks, but things are finally looking a lot better. Thanks for all the really kind emails and replies to my last post concerning this. You guys are honestly such lovely people. I am so lucky to have so many great friends on here. <3 

  1. carlislesimms said: That’s *wonderful*! :) Man, I’m sorry you had another scare for a while there, but I’m so glad things seem to be so much better now (and that he had your lucky elephant, hee). Here’s hoping he comes home very soon. <3
  2. rose-of-pollux said: *hugs* Glad things are looking better!
  3. spookywiffle said: *hugs* Great to hear. Good healing thoughts to your dad.
  4. ingravinoveritas said: YAY!! That’s so awesome, rev! I’m so happy to hear that he’s gotten better and will be going home soon. <3 I can’t imagine how scary it must’ve been to deal with all this. We should hang out so I can buy you a drink, causeyou’ve definitely earned it!
  5. yer-mind-grows-numb said: That’s great! I hope he makes a quick recovery :)
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