I know that something very strange has happened to my brain.
                       I’m either feeling very good or else I am insane.
            The seeds of doubt you’ve planted have started to grow wild
                And I find the need to yield before the wisdom of a child.

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 lemongrablothbrok asked: "I just have to say I'm kind of new here and I just discovered your blog (looking for posts tagged "the monkees" in search, naturally), and OMG, you like so many of the same things I like! *flails in appreciation*"

Aw, welcome to Tumblr & my blog! 


Thanks for the message :D I think my blog is a big mess, so this is nice to hear. And if you ever have any questions about Tumblr, I’d be glad to help!

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"Nobody has given peace a complete chance yet. Gandhi tried it and Martin Luther King tried it, but they were shot."

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2x05 - Art, for Monkees’ Sake
"You have no beard!"

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favorite era/period for a band → The Beatles // 1965 

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endless list of favourite characters: ned the piemaker

"I bake pies and wake the dead; I lead a very sheltered life."